Garlic Basil Tortellini Recipe

Recently I was looking for a recipe for a sauce to go with some frozen tortellini I had.  I tried this recipe for Garlic Basil Tortellini.  It was quick and easy to make and tasted great.  A few days later, I was going to use the leftover sauce and cooked asparagus with the tortellini to add a different taste to it.  You could also add protein such as cooked chicken breast to the sauce.  You could use this sauce with any kind of pasta.

I have started making most of my sauces from scratch.  Once you learn the techniques, you can tailor them to the ingredients you prefer or have on hand. Some brands of diced tomatoes have spices and ingredients included such as basil, onions, and green peppers.  I have started using these instead of jarred pasta sauce and pizza sauce.  I have also used them instead of purchasing salsa.  There is something in canned goods that I don’t care for the taste, but canned tomatoes are alright.  Also, since I usually just cook for myself, I don’t have as much left over as when you purchase a jar of pasta sauce.