Trip To Aldi

I visited the Aldi store in Dilworth today, which had their Grand Opening yesterday.  I was there about 10:00 am and it was pretty busy.

A couple of things to keep in mind.  The carts are kept chained right outside the store, you put a quarter in the slot and a cart is released.  The quarter is returned to you when you return the cart. They also do not provide shopping bags.  So it is recommended to take your own, there are bags for sale at the store or you can use extra boxes that are in the store.

Following are the items I purchased to give you an idea of prices. It was busy so I didn’t spend a lot of time in the store.

Almond milk                           $1.99

carton of Orange juice           $1.69

Sweet Tango apples (3 lbs)  $3.99

Spring mix lettuce bag        $1.99

Green peppers                     3/$0.99

cucumber                               $0.49 each

pineapple                              $2.39

Pita crackers                        $1.99

Baby carrots                        $0.49

Unsalted butter (1 lb)       $2.35

Roma tomatoes (16 oz)    $0.99

bananas ($0.44/lb)           $1.02

crisp rice cereal                  $1.19

cranberry white cheddar cheese ball   $2.99

cantaloupe                           $1.89 each

dozen large eggs                 $0.47

Total                             $26.91


They were giving out sets of coupons (3 coupons) for $5 off $30 purchase over the next few weeks.


I saw this on a Facebook page.

Just want to let people know my husband is a Sales Manager of a Food Distributor and told me Aldi is one of the hardest stores for companies to get into because the companies that sell to Aldi have to have the highest Level 3 SQF (Special Quality Foods) certificate. Meaning everything they have in the store is high quality. The employees working for the vendor are even reviewed before they get this certificate. So I HIGHLY recommend Aldi.