Aldi Grand Opening

Aldi is having a Grand Opening of the new store at 833 34th St N, Dilworth on Thursday, Nov 2.  It is located just north of Wal Mart. Aldi is a discount grocery store.  The nearest store to the Fargo Moorhead area has been Fergus Falls, which I have been to once. One thing about the store is to make sure you have a quarter. The grocery carts are kept in a stall, which you insert a quarter to release a cart and you will be refunded a quarter when you return the cart.  They also encourage you to use reusable grocery bags, they have reusable and paper bags for sale at checkout.

Most of the items are their own brand and there is a smaller selection of items and brands than other grocery stores.  You may not be able to get all of the items you need but the prices may be low enough to make it worth another trip here, especially if you have a larger family.

I see several blog posts from bloggers in other areas about the good prices on grocery items and organic produce.

Following are some examples of prices from a blog I follow.