It’s Easy To Walk At Home

Now with the weather getting colder is may be more difficult to get outside to exercise.  I have been following the Walk At Home videos off and on for the last few years and more consistently the past few months.  The videos consist of four basic steps of side steps, knee lifts, kicks and walking in place with additions of other steps. It is an easy exercise for people who have not exercised for awhile.  For the more advanced you can do videos that have more miles.  With the different steps and movements, it more fun than just walking and you use different muscles than just walking outside.

There are a variety of ways to view the videos.  If you want to check it out before purchasing videos, check your local library to see if they have videos to check out or you can view videos on YouTube (search walk at home or Leslies Sansone).  I have purchased a number of DVDs.  They now have an app which is about $5 a month or $48 a year to get a video each day.  I subscribed to the app a few months ago and have been enjoying it. With the app you can get quite a few different workouts without needing to buy so many videos. Also, I am more motivated to do it most days, since I have paid for it.

For me, it is convenient to be able to do the workouts whenever I feel like it instead of going to a gym or fitness center.  Also, sometimes I split the longer workout into shorter segments, doing a mile or two at a time.  On the website or Facebook page, there are several success stories from people who have lost several pounds and gained other healthy habits by following this exercise program..