National Child Health Day

The first Monday of October each year is recognized as National Child Health Day.  It is a chance to celebrate with a renewed commitment to work to improve the health and well-being of America’s children and their families. As a Certified Cooking Instructor with Healthy Hands Cooking, along with instructors throughout the United States and other countries our mission is to teach children about nutrition and healthy cooking. Although the lessons were initially geared towards children, some instructors also teach cooking classes for adults. To find a local instructor in your area, type a local zip code in the Find an Instructor tab at

I have been getting more requests recently for adult cooking classes. Many people may not have learned how to cook, and in turn and unable to or don’t feel comfortable teaching their children.  Some requests I have had are from people who have been advised by their doctors to try a certain diet but are not given any assistance in doing so.  Many people do not change their diets or lifestyles until they are diagnosed with an ailment or disease. They could possibly avoid some of the health issues and live a more comfortable life if they paid more attention to what they are eating and how they are treating their bodies.

Another reason I hear from some parents who think cooking classes are a great option is that they feel their children will listen more to someone besides them.

In addition to nutrition playing a part in a child’s growth and health, it is also an part of the way they learn and behave.

Although today is recognized as National Child Health Day, it is important to take steps to a healthy lifestyle every day. By making small changes one at a time, in the end you could totally change the outcome of your health and lifestyle.