Healthy Lunch Class

It’s hard to believe school will be starting again soon and it will be time to consider lunch ideas if your children take their lunch to school.  Healthy lunch ideas are also helpful for adults who either stay home or take their lunch to work.  Taking your lunch to work instead of going out every day can save you money and may be healthier.

I feel it is important for children to learn how to cook.  One step towards this is to have them help make their school lunches.

There will be a Healthy Hands healthy lunch class at the new Prairie Roots Food Co-op at 1213 NP Ave, Fargo on Wed, August 16 from 10-11:00.  The fee per student is $15 for ages 5-13.  Class size is limited and pre registration is required at the link above.

Following is a description of the class.

Your kids will love learning to make this American themed Bento Healthy Lunch. Bento is a Japanese style of eating where lunch items are packed into a wooden or plastic box with individual compartments. Bento lunches consist of a balance of food groups, colors and textures. Included in this exciting cooking class is Classic Chicken Salad for One made with Yogurt dressing, All-American Crustless Apple Pie, and an assortment of fruits, veggies and whole grains to inspire little taste buds. (Please email me if your child is outside the age range listed for this class but would like to attend).

Your child can bring their lunchbox if they have a 3-4 compartment sealable/reusable lunch kit or one will be provided during the class.

Here is a link to a series of 31 days of Lunchbox ideas.