DIY Sauces

With the different varieties of canned tomatoes available, it is easier than ever to make your own sauces. In some cases, there is considerably less sodium and sugar in the canned tomatoes than jarred pasta sauce and salsa. I have been using the canned tomatoes with basil and garlic for pasta and pizza sauce. I usually puree them in the blender.  But by doing it yourself, you can make it the consistency you want. You could also add fresh ingredients such as onions and garlic it you wish.  But I usually just heat to use.

A lot of the jarred sauces and salsas have some taste that I don’t care for.  I have seen recipes to make blender salsa by blending canned tomatoes with onion, peppers and cilantro.  I found canned tomatoes with those ingredients already added and I prefer it over some of the prepared salsas.

I also puree tomatoes to use to make tomato or vegetable soup.

This is an easy idea to have items on hand for a quick meal when you are in a rush. It is also an easy way to teach kids how to cook, with assistance they can heat the sauce and cook the pasta.