College Cooking Classes

Cooking is an important life skill that many college bound students may not be knowledgeable in.  I have had many parents bring their kids to class because they feel they may listen to someone else better than listening to them. Or, some parents may not feel comfortable enough in the kitchen themselves  or have the time to teach their children.  Also, by learning how to eat and cook healthier they may be able to avoid the “Freshman 15”.

If you have a college bound student that needs help with kitchen skills, please contact me to schedule a Healthy Hands Cooking College Cooking Series. The series consists of four 2-hour classes with easy recipes for your high school or college student.  These classes can be held in your home or would make a neat series for a youth group at a church or other organization. Full Kitchen not required but just adds to the fun. email: or Nancy at 701-799-1857.