Healthy Mayo Swap

With summer and grilling season upon us, many people will be making more salads and dips using mayonnaise and sour cream.  To make them healthier, consider swapping Greek yogurt for the mayo and sour cream.  Mayo is high in calories and saturated fat.  By using Greek yogurt you can increase your protein and calcium intake.  Here is an article about swapping Greek yogurt for mayo and sour cream.

I used Greek yogurt in both egg salad sandwiches and macaroni salad.

At a recent cooking class, we made egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs.  I recently talked to the mother of a couple of the students.  She said on the way home, she was asking them what they had made. The told her egg salad but we put some white stuff in them.  She realized they were talking about mayo.  Her husband doesn’t care for it so she doesn’t use it very often.  She realized then the kids had probably never had it.

In class we used mayo for one recipe and Greek yogurt for the other.

I have started using Greek yogurt instead of mayo in most recipes personally also.

It may not seem like a big deal but making small changes in your diet can add up over time.