Kid’s Cooking Camp

I recently attended the First Annual Healthy Hands Cooking Conference in Orlando and met other instructors from around the country.  It was great to meet other instructors and share stories and ideas.  I will share more stories from the conference in upcoming posts.

I have a Kid’s Cooking Camp scheduled for June 12-15 in Fargo for ages 8-13.  More information and registration here.

This is a wonderful program that will lay the foundation for healthy eating by educating and empowering students about basic kitchen safety, creating a healthy balanced plate, how to subsititue ingredients to make meals healthier and so much more!

The first 30 minutes of each class is dedicated to nutrition education including games and activities.  The remaining time is dedicated to cooking and cleanup.

Our 8-Hour Core Day Camp Includes:

Class 1:  Kitchen Safety, Cross-Contamination, Healthy Snacks
Class 2:  Fueling Your Body, Healthy Breakfasts
Class 3:  MyPlate Nutrition, Lunch N Munch
Class 4:  Healthy Cooking Substitutions of Kids’ Favorite Foods


Activity sheets, recipes, helpful tips and individual workstations for hands-on activity are included in the course. Each class will also include a focus on nutritional education.

A 60 page workbook is included in this series for students to follow along and take home once the course is complete.