Cooking Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Recent studies are showing that we now have 2 full generations of families who don’t know how to cook – a lifetime skill that is so very important but is being lost.   I feel cooking should be considered a past time and way to provide healthy meals for your family instead of a chore.  By cooking at home you are more likely to eat healthier and save money. It may seem like a hassle to have your kids help you in the kitchen, but in time as they learn more you may be able to turn more responsibilities over to them.

Meals don’t have to be difficult and time consuming to be healthy and taste good.  At a recent class we made deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches and yogurt/fruit parfaits.  Now they know how to use the eggs they may dye for Easter.  The mother of two new students was surprised we were able to accomplish so much in 45 minutes.

I also made a stirfry using leftover vegetables leftover from class.

Here is a blog post with suggestions of items to have on hand to make preparing meals easier.  Meals can be as easy as boiling pasta, heating pasta sauce and serving with bread and a salad, rice bowls or stir fry.

I feel it is important to teach cooking skills to children before they get out on their own.  I tell my students that when you cook your own meals, you can make it the way you want.  You can leave out ingredients you may not care for and experiment with others.   Also, by cooking at home it is easier to control your portion sizes instead of being tempted to finish the large portions at most restaurants. Once you learn basic cooking skills, you can easily make meals with items you may have on hand.  A majority of my meals are now made by looking at what I have on hand in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.