Pretzel Ranch Chicken Tenders Recipe

One of the popular recipes of our Birthday Party menus is homemade chicken strips and French fries.  One girl at a party said she doesn’t usually like chicken strips or nuggets but liked the ones we made.  Another one said she could eat them for dessert too.  But one group didn’t want to try them because they didn’t look like chicken nuggets from a fast food place.

Recently I tried this recipe for Pretzel Ranch Crusted Chicken tenders.  The pretzels give it a different but nice texture and taste. I have also seen recipes using potato chips or Doritos as the crust. I have also used crushed Triscuits before when I didn’t have bread crumbs on hand.  Also, instead of buying bread crumbs, you could easily make your own.  Take the ends of a loaf of bread or extra slices and let air dry, then put in a blender to make crumbs.  I also used a homemade Ranch mix that is part of one of Healthy Hands Cooking classes.

The recipe came from $5 dinners, which is a website created by Erin Chase who says she cannot spend more than $5 to make a meal. She has written some cookbooks and has a website and Facebook page with recipes.  She regularly hosts monthly series with a variety of themes such as 31 days of skillet meals, lunchbox ideas, and others.