How To Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn

A couple years ago, I was looking for a way to make my own microwave popcorn since I don’t care for the taste of pre packaged microwave popcorn.  Here is a blog post about some of the ingredients in microwave popcorn.

Making your own microwave popcorn bags is easy and a money saver. You could also make up several bags ahead of time so they are ready for the microwave when you have a craving for popcorn.

There are two methods I have tried to make microwave popcorn, one using a paper bag and another using a  glass bowl and a plate.  I had great results with both methods.  The directions for the paper bag instruct to staple the bag shut, I have just folded the top over a couple times and it works just as well.  It also calls for olive oil, but in the comments some suggestions are to add butter to the bag instead or add butter after it is popped.  I just add popcorn to the bag and add melted butter after it is popped.

By making your own popcorn, you can save money and can season it to your tastes. You also know what ingredients are in it instead of what is usually in microwave popcorn bags.

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  1. Joyce

    I have just used a brown lunch bag ,put 1/3 cup popcorn,folded the top and popped 2:00 minutes. …then add butter,salt,seasonings, whatever you like, times in microwave will vary as they are differnt,

  2. AllisonK

    Be aware that some paper bags use glue that, when heated in the microwave or oven, can release foul or even toxic compounds! Best not to chance making yourself sick, unless you can guarantee the bag has “safe” glue.

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