Cooking Birthday Parties

I recently did a birthday party for fifteen 9-10 year old girls.  They made chicken strips, French fries and yogurt dip with veggies.

The chicken strips and fries were seasoned enough that they did not need any sauces or ketchup.  One girl said the chicken strips were so good, she could have them for dessert too.  Although, I think she did have a cupcake!

As we were cooking we also learned a few things.  We discussed cross contamination while we were working with the raw chicken.  Many were leery about touching the chicken because of how it feels.  We also talked about fractions when the recipe called for 3/4 cup and they didn’t have one.  I also talked about how I made the bread crumbs from drying bread and crushing it in the blender.  If you lay the end pieces or other slices of bread on a plate, etc for a day or so to dry out and then put in the blender.  I also used some onion flavored buns I had to add a little more flavor besides the seasonings from the recipe.

I demonstrated how to separate the egg whites and yolk, since we only used the whites to dip the chicken in before dipping it in the bread crumbs.  I showed them what garlic cloves look like and how to use a garlic press.

The birthday girl attended another party I did for one of her friends and loved the idea and wanted to do it for her party. She discovered at the last party that she likes peppers and now cuts her own to eat as a snack with dip.

The mother from the last party said they still make one of the recipes all of the time.

Birthday parties includes all the ingredients and supplies from a choice of 12 menus. A couple weeks ago I did a party for 6 girls just for something different to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Nancy Kvamme